Counsel, Attorney, Doctor of Laws

Lalli Castrén assists our clients in extensive and demanding court and arbitration proceedings. He is also consulted for legal expert opinions.

Lalli defended his doctoral thesis on the liability of air freight carriers in 2012. In addition to his transport law expertise, his areas of specialization include general liability and insurance law.

He has previously worked as a liability specialist for corporate customers at a major Nordic insurance company, as a special adviser in insurance regulation for an organization representing insurance company interests, and as a district prosecutor.

Lalli is a member of the Entrepreneurship Award Board of the Association of Finnish Lawyers.


  • Attorney 2016
  • Doctor of Laws 2012, University of Helsinki
  • Court Training 2008, District Court of Tuusula
  • Licentiate of Laws 2007, University of Helsinki
  • Master of Laws 2006, University of Helsinki


  • The Historical Development of the Unbreakable Limit of Air Freight Carriers. JFT 2014.
  • Lentorahdinkuljettajan syrjäytymätön vastuunrajoitus. Suomalainen Lakimiesyhdistys A series n:o 309 2012.


  • Association of Finnish Insurance Lawyers
  • European Air Law Association
  • Finnish Maritime Law Association
  • Finnish Lawyers’ Association