on vaativia oikeudellisia toimeksiantoja hoitava PERINTEINEN ASIANAJOTOIMISTO

Olemme riidanratkaisuun erikoistunut itsenäinen ja riippumaton asianajotoimisto. Toimistomme on hoitanut yli neljännesvuosisadan vaativia oikeusprosesseja.

Korkea laatu, ammattietiikka ja kova työ ovat toimintamme perusta.
Olemme yksi Suomen kokeneimmista prosessitoimistoista.

"Described as a "solid attorney."

"... Sources describe him as "very analytical" and also highlight his ability to "find the right argument to win the cases."

”Respected domestic disputes boutique dealing with mid-level cases across a range of industries and sectors. Areas of focus include contractual matters, employment disputes, damages claims and environmental cases. Also known for its experience in white-collar crime cases and insolvency-related disputes.”

”This compact yet high quality team maintains a solid practise in this area. It handles a wide range of disputes and retains an excellent reputation.”

”A small firm with lots of character and the right attitude.”